The Alchemist Birmingham

Dinner at the Alchemist: I was not expecting that!


The alchemist has an extensive international menu, with nibbles, starters, to share, mains and dessert.
A difficult choice, but in the end as my first course I settled for the mac&cheese bites
with chipotle mayo, which for some reason was warm, but still tasty.
After quite a wait the nachos and the mains came along, they were not the best nachos ever but were OKAY. A mixture of deep fried, non-traditionally shaped tortilla bread and actual nachos. Personally I prefer corn chip nachos, rather than the fried tortilla bread.

Mac ‘N’ cheese bites

Moving on to the main I had the Moroccan lamb rump, which according to the waitress could only be cooked pink or welldone, not medium as I would usually go for, so obviously I had to choose well done…lets not go into why! Anyway to my suprise the lamb was extremely flavourful, succulent and soft, not dry at all, which is something I would normally expect from well done meat. The giant couscous, veg and mint yoghurt it was served with complemented it quite well, I must say I was very pleased!
The great food wasn’t the Alchemists only accomplishment. I was encompassed by the amazing art work of Dan Hillier, which was also incorporated into the menu design and tableware of the restaurant. I thought the food and decor came together in harmony, as you can see from my numerous photos I was in love! The Alchemist is definitely a restaurant I will be revisiting.

Moroccan lamb rump with couscous

Overall ratings

Food: 4/5

Service: 5/5

Cleanliness: 4/5

Atmosphere: 5/5





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